Bloch Gallery LLC
Proudly Presents:
Janel Lessing
“The Child Prodigy”

It is with heavy heart that we part with the collection:
The Works of a Child
How to describe the elation!
What it would have been like to own the young Picasso, the Modigliani.
Not a day goes by we’ve not thought how fortunate we’ve been to have had these to ourselves.
Now we can share her with the world.

10 Works: $3,000,000
 Collection will not be divided
 Shown by appointment only
 Howard Bloch, Manager
 For all inquires and appointments
 10% of all profits go to the ASPCA
 and the Humane Society

Bloch Gallery LLC
Janel Lessing Collection
433 North Camden Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Left Top to Bottom
H16 x W25 in. Signed, (Gathering the Harvest)
H11 ½ x W13 in. Signed, (Native Celebration) January 1963
H12 x W20 in. Signed, (At Work by the Kiln)
H25 x W12 in. Signed, (Offerings at Burial Site)
H21 x W15 in. Signed, “Noble Woman Working on a Sampler” January 19, 1964

Right Top to Bottom
H16 x W24 in. Signed, “Boro Answering His Codification of Louis of Opalinia in 2900 B.C.” August 5, 1963
H12 x W20 in. Signed, (Festivity)
H12 x W17 ¾ in. Signed “Painting Pictures in Andora’s House 1826 B.C.” August 25, 1963
H20 x W16 in. Signed, (Generations) February 27, 1964
H19 x W5 ¾ in. Signed, (Teacher With Pupils) June 18, 1964
* In parenthesis are untitled and described for inventory I.D.